About Life Change 90

Life Change 90 is a blog established to help people who have ever said:

“I expected more out of life than this, by now!”

You can have more, but you must become more to have more and do more – a little self development is the key and this blog could very well be your starting point!

Posts will be published regularly by Ray and Susan Jamieson, people with decades of experience teaching and delivering life-changing seminars on many aspects of self development, and helping people transition from lives that were not working, to fulfilment and happiness.

You can see more of Susan’s personal blogs at http://owlsandorchids.com/ – Life, Love, Spiritual Living and the odd Catastrophe…  A fascinating look at life through the eyes of a very special lady.

You can see more Life Change 90 material here: Life Change 90.

Enjoy being more, doing more, and having more.

Fair winds and full sails,

Ray and Susan


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