Empowered by love

#Empowered By Love

With love, anything is possible! 

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“Love is not the opposite of power. Love IS power. Love is the strongest power there is.”
Vironika Tugaleva, The Love Mindset

Empowered by love

Empowered by love

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The average guy is a pretty fragile creature in some ways.  Once we left childhood and the things we grappled with while getting through that stage, we got to the teen years and weren’t they a fearful time!  How many guys made it through their teen years with an intact ego?  Trying to impress the girls – that’s what we thought we had to do, and mostly we failed.  We either got really thick skins fast or learnt some smooth lines.  Or we got pretty badly hurt and carried those hurts with us into adult life.  Those rejections and teenage girly things we heard thrown at us, some hurt really badly!  Mostly we carried some of those hurts forward.  I did.

Now, in my adult years, I think of the life I’ve led and the things I’ve done and where I am now and I sometimes stop and wonder.

I am blessed to now be #empowered by love.  However, that has brought some incredible realisations with it.  This amazing lady whose love is given freely and unconditionally – am I really worthy of her?

I mean, it’s a totally reasonable question I think, for a guy who has carried his teenage scars and other skeletons til now, and suddenly finds someone who knows all about them and still loves him, despite those scars and failings, or perhaps because of them…?

I think of my own failings and wonder whether I am worthy of the love of this lady.  After all, she is pretty darn amazing.  My scars and insecurities tend to surface and I wonder if I am really worthy of her after all.  Then the magic happens.  Guys, this is what it’s all about!  Ladies, you probably don’t realise the power and magic you control….

#Empowered By Love

My source of empowerment

I feel the love of this lady.  It goes to my core.  I feel it under my skin, in my day, in my thoughts, in my intentions, in what I am dreaming of for the future.  A shared future.  Our future.  That’s when I realise that whatever has happened in the past that I might be less than proud of, less than happy with, I can rise above, because I have been given a new source of empowerment.  I am empowered by love, the single most powerful force on the planet.

Empowered by love, I can pretty much do anything.  Empowered by love, I can withstand pretty much anything.  Empowered by love, I am pretty much unstoppable.  Because I know that it’s no longer just me doing it!  Beside me, I have the most amazing lady.  Together, we are unstoppable!  We are empowered by love, our love!

Guys, really take this on board.  If you haven’t felt this love yet, make it your goal to be empowered by love.  If you are single, find that special lady and become empowered by love.  Become the guy you can be, the one you have the potential to be, so you can attract that incredible lady to you, the one who can make you feel like I do now!  Work on yourself so you really ARE worthy of her, by becoming everything you really can be.

If you are in a relationship, and it doesn’t feel like this, how much of it should you take responsibility for?  You BOTH committed to the relationship.  Have you really lived up to your end of the deal?  Whether or not you have, accept the responsibility, and plan to woo this lady all over again.  You did it once, you won her heart, now do it again and this time, aim high – aim for unconditional love and believe me, it’s something you can’t achieve without giving it first!  But when you do – then you become empowered by love.

Life takes on a whole new meaning when you are empowered by love…

#Empowered By Love

Image from http://www.mamiverse.com

A quick word to the ladies…  Do you realise the power you have over your guy’s fragile heart and soul?  We guys are hurt or bruised quite easily, rather more easily than it appears.  On the other hand, if you share this incredible and empowering love for him, you CAN make him feel invincible, you can empower him to be your knight in shining armour – or to feel like it anyway, whether he has the white charger or not!  Use your power wisely, weave your magic well and let your guy feel empowered by love.  And enjoy the benefits of it!  You’ll find that when he is empowered by love, you’ll feel pretty darn good too!

How do you do that?  If you are not sure, it comes down to you becoming all you can be also.  Work on yourself to realise your own potential.  If you are a couple, work on yourselves, but work together – share the journey and grow together.  I mentioned in my last blog about the ten second kiss.  That’s just the start.  You might see a lot more of that concept through these blogs in the future, empowering your relationship.  In the meantime, it’s a great start and wonderful to help you feel good about growing together.

If you feel this article has empowered and benefited you and you feel it could benefit the personal empowerment of other folks you know, please reblog it, share it with your friends and associates.  It might be the day you changed someone’s life for the better!  If that was that special person in your life, then congrats: you just changed your own life too!

Til next time, fair winds and full sails,

Ray Jamieson

“Greater than atomic power is the power of love. Alas, we use it so sparingly!”
Dada J.P. Vaswani

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6 thoughts on “Empowered by love

  1. Love has the power to lift you to great heights, sustain you when things are tough and, destroy you if it isn’t returned. Since I’ve been through all three, I’ll take the great heights and sustaining when things are tough. It’s meant work, a lot of work on my part to be able to say I am worth the love and support of my husband, but the rewards far outweigh the effort.
    If you want the skinny on empowering each other through real love, you should read this.
    Great post. ❤


  2. With great power comes great responsibility. Not everyone takes that responsibility seriously. That’s why the breakups, divorces, heartbreaks, cheating, lying, and manipulating. It is easy to be reckless with power.


  3. What a beautifully written, heart felt piece Ray. Love is the source of all life in the Universe. Like water, and air it is something we can’t live without. I am drowning in it. So I share your eloquently expressed evaluation. (I didn’t mean to come up with the words all starting with e lol).
    Thank you for sharing.


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