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What is passion?

If you look at passion in the dictionary, you find a technical description – a deep, overwhelming emotion, or with religious connotations…  However, there is another, far more important way to understand #passion.

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”
G.K. Chesterton

Passion is fuel!

When you set a goal, without the fuel for the journey the achievement of that goal requires, you will fail!  Passion provides the fuel.  No passion?  Don’t waste your time.

Passion creates commitment.

Why do we commit to something?  Commitment is a dedication to a course of action for a particular reason.  There are only two reasons, the base emotions of fear and desire.

If you are in fear for your life and running will save you, then you will run!  Fear is an incredible motivator.  However, once you are clear of the danger, most likely you will run another few metres and STOP!  However, the passion, the fear, the overwhelming desire to save your life gave you the commitment to run, to get you out of the danger.


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Fear motivation!

The flip side of passion is the desire you can have.  It can be an incredible motivator and empower you to perform amazing feats, many which may have seemed impossible beforehand.  The passion of love has inspired so many stories, from Romeo and Juliet and tales of love and heroism down the centuries, to current real life stories of what people will do for love.  That is a passion that provides an undying source of energy to continue the struggle, the journey, no matter what the cost.


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Eros Love and Passion

There is so much more to passion.  To experience the remainder of this blog, click here….

Ray Jamieson

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